Fire Alarm System

Fire is one of the main causes for damage. Every year many buildings and goods are lost as a result of fire. For every one out of five companies a fire will result in bankruptcy. But the largest possible damage resulting from a fire is human victims. Therefore it is obvious that legislation is getting more and more serious about preventing these dangers. 

A user friendly System that puts the operator in control.  The FireFinderTM operates with the world-reown Apollo Discovery , XP95 and Series 60  products, features on site programmabiltiy, allows users to have remote access via a modem utilizing the unique Line ManagerTM software.

Smoke Control System

According to modern findings, it is foremost the smoke which develops simultaneously with the fire, that poses a threat to the health and lives of people. More than 90% of all burn victims die due to fume poisoning. In addition to that, a high percentage of material damage is caused by smoke. 

A smoke control system will discharge hot smoke gasses whereby:

  • A smoke free exit area is guaranteed.

  • The building construction is being protected against the heat.

  • Firemen can stop the fire from the inside of the building.

  • Smoke and fire damage can be limited.


A smoke control system can be natural or mechanical ventilation units combined with a (natural) air supply unit. These units get activated by a smoke detection system. Controllable or fixed smoke curtains can also be necessary, dependent on the situation. All these components need to be part of one integral system. And of course a smoke control system need to be kept in good shape like every other technical installation.

High Sensitivity Detector


FastSensePlusTM is a clever, more sensitive fire detection system.  Using advanced laser technology, it provides the earliest possible warning of the slightest traces of smoke.

 With the use of ClassiFireTM this product is clever.  Very clever.  The detectors condition themselves to the enviroment, altering their sensitivity to suit - discriminating between operating periods without the need for inputs or external adjustment.

The interrogation with FireFinderTM means FastSensePlusTM is able to communicate seamlessly, it can be directly connected to the addressable detector loop, reducing cabling costs.


The command module networks multiple detectors to one central display point.  The network can also be monitored centrally via a  PC with ease.

FastSensePlusTM offers the complete package - with integrated programming and display included as standard.

The specialised PipeCalculator design software, ensures a more precise installation every time.

With its extensive sampling point range, FastSensePlusTM is more easily adapted to usual applications.  And there are also a variety of options for various installtion preferences.

FastSensePlusTM is definitely the clever alternative.

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Last modified: 12 December, 2005